A Quiet Place Part II (2020)

A Quiet Place Part II (2020)

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A Quiet Place Part II (2020)

Over a year before the first film’s events, the Abbott family attends son Marcus’ baseball game. Mid-game, bewildered spectators look skyward as a flaming object hurtles towards the Earth. As people exit the park and attempt to drive away, the town is beset and attacked by hostile alien creatures possessing armored skin and extraordinary speed and strength. The blind creatures have hypersensitive hearing to track and target all of their victims.

In the present, the aliens have killed much of the Earth’s population, including Lee Abbott, who sacrificed himself in the previous film to save his surviving family – wife Evelyn, deaf teen daughter Regan, adolescent son Marcus, and a newborn son. Regan discovered that high-frequency audio feedback can incapacitate the creatures, devising a makeshift method of transmitting the noise from her cochlear implant hearing aid through a microphone and speaker, allowing Evelyn to fatally shoot the creatures when they are vulnerable.

With their isolated home now destroyed, the family searches for other survivors. They bring Regan’s kit to fend off the creatures. Upon entering a fenced-off area with Evelyn setting off a sound trap, Marcus gets his right foot stuck in a bear trap. His subsequent screams attract a creature. Using the hearing aid and a shotgun, Regan and Evelyn kill it, free Marcus, then flee into an abandoned steel foundry as another creature arrives. They stumble upon Emmett, a reclusive friend of Lee’s who reluctantly takes them to his bunker under the foundry.

Marcus and Regan discover a radio station signal that continuously plays the song “Beyond the Sea.” Regan determines it is a clue meant to lead survivors to the nearby islands. She theorizes that if she can reach the radio tower located there, the hearing aid’s high-frequency noise can be transmitted to other survivors who can weaponize the signal against the creatures. After telling Marcus her plan, she secretly ventures out alone to find the island. Discovering Regan is gone, Evelyn implores Emmett to bring her back. Emmett finds Regan and wants them to return to the foundry. Appealing to his sense of duty, Regan convinces Emmett to help complete her mission.

Meanwhile, Evelyn leaves Marcus and her infant at the foundry to gather needed medical supplies and equipment. During her absence, Marcus explores the foundry and discovers the corpse of Emmett’s wife. Startled, he knocks over some objects, alerting a nearby creature. Marcus narrowly gets into the bunker, but accidentally locks himself and the baby inside.

At a marina, Emmett and Regan search for a boat. When feral humans living there ambush them, Emmett deliberately creates noise and attracts two creatures that slaughter the deranged inhabitants. When one creature drowns, Emmett realizes that the creatures can’t swim. Regan secures a small boat and the two reach the island where a small colony of survivors is living a relatively normal existence. The colony leader reveals that when the government discovered the creatures were unable to swim, the National Guard moved as many people as possible to the islands.

Evelyn returns to the factory. She distracts the creature and frees her children from the air-tight bunker. The three continue hiding inside the bunker as the creature prowls the foundry.

A creature that boarded a boat at the marina has drifted to the island and immediately begins attacking the colonists. The colony leader, Emmett, and Regan jump into a car and lead the creature to the radio station. The creature kills the colony leader while Emmett and Regan escape into the station.

The creature attacks and is about to kill Emmett. Regan transmits the high frequency through the room’s speakers, incapacitating the creature. She impales its exposed head with a metal rod, killing it and saving Emmett. Simultaneously at the foundry, the creature has discovered the bunker. It attacks Evelyn. Before it can kill her, Marcus picks up Regan’s transmission and plays it through his portable radio, incapacitating the alien. Marcus shoots it dead with Evelyn’s revolver.

Regan leaves her hearing aid connected to the radio station’s microphone, allowing anyone receiving the frequency to weaponize it.

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Tagline:Silence is not enough.
Budget:$ 61.000.000,00
Revenue:$ 248.481.860,00

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