Awake (2021)

Awake (2021)

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Awake (2021)

Jill Adams picks her son Noah and daughter Matilda up from their grandmother, Doris. Whilst driving, their car loses power and is hit by another car into a lake. Matilda nearly drowns but is revived by a police officer who reveals that everything that uses electricity is malfunctioning. They go to a hospital where coma patients have awoken. They then go to Doris’s house. Jill, Noah, and Doris are unable to sleep. On her way to work Jill, sees that the whole neighborhood is awake. At work, psychiatrist Murphy explains there are no unconscious people; that everyone is awake or dead. Jill remembers that Matilda can sleep so she rushes home to find her and discovers she’s at church. The pastor gives a sermon about Matilda being a beacon of hope and people want to sacrifice her. Jill and Noah arrive to get her but Doris does not want to give up Matilda. The people panic and Jill, Matilda and Noah flee to the woods. They rush to a garage to find a car. Jill leaves the two outside while she enters the garage. Jill takes a car after hiding from two men and picks up Noah and Matilda.

They reach a library and Noah finds a map. Noah and Jill use the map to find their destination. While doing so, an escaped prisoner steals their car with Matilda in it. Other prisoners threaten Jill and Noah but they are saved by the man who stole their car, Dodge. They discover plane wreckage and Noah and Dodge look for items they might need. Jill teaches Matilda to drive because she’s the only one who has energy to and to prepare her. While driving, they are attacked by people but manage to escape.

They reach the Hub. Dodge offers to stay but Jill gives him the car and tells him to leave. Jill splits up with her children and enters the Hub. She sneaks in and disguises as a lab worker to find the another woman who can sleep. She finds her in very ill condition. The woman states she should have been dead months ago. Jill is convinced there is no cure so she begs the woman to raise Matilda. Jill is seen by Murphy and lies about wanting to be there to help. Jill says that Brian is dead and asks if there’s a cure. Murphy replies that there’s a drug that helps brain function but it damages the brain. Jill sees a flare and finds out that Dodge and her children have been found. The army confronts Jill and her children and Matilda tearfully admits she can sleep.

The next day, Matilda asks if she can help and the doctor responds that they need to find out what makes her special. She sees an ape who has been experimented on and sees that she doesn’t fall asleep when given anesthetic gas. The doctor says that chimps were the only animals besides humans that can’t sleep due to their genetic connection. They test the gas on Matilda and she falls asleep. Jill is handcuffed in a room where she experiences delirium.

Murphy asks Jill why her daughter can sleep and if she’s ever had or done anything out of the ordinary. Jill begs Murphy to let Matilda go but she insists that humanity’s survival depends on her. Dodge is taken as a guard and is given stimulants. The woman who can sleep goes into cardiac arrest and dies. Jill hallucinates that Noah is threatening to kill her. The real Noah is taken away to see if his brain is different than his sister’s.

The soldiers then go insane and begin shooting everyone. Jill goes to rescue her daughter and the two run off together. Noah is hallucinating and cuts a wire, electrocuting himself. Jill and Matilda try resuscitating him using a defribrillator but are unsuccessful. Noah suddenly wakes up the next morning, saying he was dreaming. Noah tells a dying Jill that she was right about not wanting to go to The Hub and that he knows she loves them and needs her. Matilda realises the reason she and Noah could sleep was because they both died before being brought back to life. The two drown Jill in a lake. They resuscitate her and she takes a deep breath as she awakens.

Tagline:Disorientation. Hallucinations. Hysteria. Sleep is survival.

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